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Get Your Kids Involved This Summer and off the Streets! June 19, 2011

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By, Teri Jensen-Sellers

      In  the recent past at both borough council meetings and school functions I have heard statements along the lines of there “being nothing here for kids to do in Pottstown”! Well that is completely untrue, for example just this past weekend there were two great community events that were FAMILY friendly!

     The first being the annual Soap Box Derby that was held at Wilson Street on Saturday June 18th. Even if your kids were not racing it was just FUN to go and watch! You can read more about this event here:

     The second event was the Summer Solstice celebration which also happened on Saturday at Smith Family Plaza. There were several canine related booths, the Puttmuster Dog Show, and items for sale to benefit The Gallery School of Pottstown. Many families attended, some without pets who were exposing their children to dogs and having a great time watching the different events! To find out more about these non-profit organizations click on  these links:

     The reasons I “bolded” the word family in the opening paragraph, is that parents need to be more involved with their children in this community. Pottstown is not stranger to delinquent youth, and research shows that children are much less likely “to get into trouble” when their families and or parents are directly involved and setting good examples. According to one of these studies conducted by Pennsylvania State University:

” Children achieve more when their parents are involved. This is regardless of socio-economic status, ethnic background, or parents’ education level. Children exhibit more positive attitudes and behavior when their parents are involved. Children have higher graduation rates and greater enrollment rates in postsecondary education when parents are involved in their lives. Youth risk behaviors, such as alcohol use, violence, and antisocial behaviors decrease as parent involvement increases. (accessed online 6/19/11)

      Other free or low-cost options for children locally this summer are:

The Free Summer In The Park Series at the  Bandstand in Memorial Park-

July 6th, 7pm- Tom Yurasits Magic Show

July 13th, 7pm- Family Concert

July 20th, 7pm-Mike Walz and His Reptiles

July 27th, 7pm,- Summer Camp Talent Show Presentation

For further information about local FREE activities and the low-cost summer camp sponsored by Pottstowns Park and Recs Dept. go to:



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