Roots of Revitalization

Social Change Through Action In Pottstown PA

Pottstown Community Garden Project Underway! June 25, 2011

                          The Mosaic Community Land Trust of Pottstown, Pennsylvania on May 25th, 2011 the transfer of 423 Chestnut St. from the Pottstown School District to the CLT for use as a community garden! The vacant lot had been a school playground decades ago and has been rotting in disrepair for the last several years. The community garden that is being developed will be a place where families can rent ground to grow fruits and vegetables. Not only is gardening as a family a wholesome ecological activity but it also teaches children environmental respect. Growing your own healthy food can save money on the grocery bill and gives urban residents access to fresh produce!


      Master Arborist, Alan Jensen-Sellers of Davey Tree Experts located in King of Prussia ( organized a crew of five accredited tree professionals on Saturday, June 25th to start preparing the garden.  The Davey Volunteers grinded stumps and mulched wood which will be reused in the planting process.  The tree crew also trimmed the large shady oak tree that is in the northwest corner of the property, where a bench will be placed providing a nice shaded area. The CLT envisions the garden as a project that will increase neighborhood pride, and as a community gathering place, foster friendships among neighbors.

     The Department of Agriculture developed a food pyramid specifically for children in 2005 . The United States Department of Health  highly recommends that kids eat four plus serving of fruits and vegetables a day! Growing some of your family’s produce sets a good nutritional example! Garden plots should be available for Fall plantings!


Check out this link to watch a video of the community gardens blueprints and long term plans for the Pottstown community!!/video/video.php?v=2146157818290&oid=143005392432651&comments


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