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Pottstown Planning Commission Helps Local Boy Scout Earn Merit Badge June 27, 2011

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 By, Chris Huff

Pottstown Planning Commission: Andrew Keefer, Deb Penrod, Dan Weand, (Boy Scout-Matt Larive)  and Christopher Huff. Not pictured: Stephen Toroney.


Be prepard! A key value in the Boy Scout motto that means always

                              read, willing and able for any situation!    



      Matt Larive, a scout with Boy Scout Troop 597 in nearby Douglassville, lived up to 

that duty when he attended June 26th’s Pottstown Planning Commission meeting.

Matt, accompanied by his mom, came out to fulfill a requirement in pursuit of his

Communications Merit Badge. One of the 9 requirements in achieving the badge is

“attending a public meeting where several points of view are given on a single topic and

present an objective report that includes all points of view.”


      Matt intended to sit in the audience and take some notes but Planning Commission

Chairman. Dan Weand proposed a better offer, “Come join us at the table for the

meeting.” Commission member and Council President Steve Toroney was out of town, so

Matt filled in and took his seat– ready, willing and able. Matt took notes on the

discussions of several planned projects that were part of the agenda. With each vote

being unanimous, there was little debate to stir Matt’s pen.


      That wouldn’t last long, however, as a topic with many points of view soon came to

the table under the Pottstown Metropolitan Regional  Planning Committee report. The

previous night at the monthly meeting of the PMRPC, a presentation was given to an

audience of municipal officials regarding tolling Rt. 422. As County Planner Darlene

Wynne outlined some highlights of the presentation, the Planning Commission members

weighed in with widely varying points of view. Matt quickly and easily filled his notepad

with plenty of material to write his report.


     When asked after the meeting what he thought about tolls on Rt.422, Matt said,

“think they would help get roads fixed but I don’t know that my parents will like having

to pay them.” Matt was thanked for his attendance at the meeting and given words of

encouragement  in the pursuit of his badge. Other requirements to achieve a

Communications Merit Badge include writing to the editor of a local newspaper to

express an opinion, writing a five-minute speech, interviewing someone you respect and

organizing a troop honor program.


Good luck, Matt!                            




2 Responses to “Pottstown Planning Commission Helps Local Boy Scout Earn Merit Badge”

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  2. Joe Zlomek Says:

    Chris, great story! We picked it up, here:

    Best regards, and keep up the terrific work!

    Joe Zlomek, Managing Editor
    The Pottstown Post

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