Roots of Revitalization

Social Change Through Action In Pottstown PA

Kool Kid: Virginia Lee Dugan! June 30, 2011

 By TJS       

    Some of you local Pottstownians may know the Dugan family, who have been renovating a historic home on North Hanover Street for the last few years!

Mother, Sheila Dugan is active with Historic Pottstown Neighborhood Association and also the Chairman of The Board at Pottstown Downtown Improvement District Authority (PDIDA). 

     Father, Gene Dugan is the chef and owner of  Grumpy’s Hand Carved Sandwiches  located in the Pottstown Farmers Market at 300 E, High Street.   

     There oldest daughter of five children, Virginia Lee Dugan, is ROR’s first “KOOL KID” to be interviewed and featured on our blog. The reason we chose VL , is because she achieved high honor roll her entire Freshman year, and is a big help to her family in that she works at the family’s sandwich shop.

Name: Virginia-Lee Dugan

 Nickname: VL or Vee

 Grade Level: I will be going into 10th.

 School: Pottstown High

 Favorite Subject and Why?: English and History because they come very easily to me.

 Favorite Color: Pink!

 Favorite TV Show: Pretty Little Liars!

 Favorite Movie: Freedom Writers!

Favorite Music: Hip-Hop and Rap!

 Favorite Quote: “A best friend knows everything about you and loves you anyways.”

 Favorite place that you have travelled to: Raystown Resort.

First thing that you ever wanted to be when you grew up: I wanted to be a teacher.

What do you want to be now? I want to be a lawyer.

 Hobbies: I love reading.

 What do you expect to be doing in ten years? I hope to just be graduating law school from Pittsburg University.

 Advice that you would give to your fellow students: Study and pay attention, it helps a lot.

 Something unique about yourself? My personality, I swear I’m bipolar. I’ll be happy one minute then the next I’ll be really mad for something stupid.

 Do you have a hero, if so who and why? Yes, my Mom. She has been through a lot in her life and I don’t think that I could ever handled it as well as she has.




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