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Social Change Through Action In Pottstown PA

Pottsgrove Manor Home School Day AKA Kids Now Have It Much Easier ! September 16, 2011

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Today, Pottsgrove Manor, the local history museum at 100 West King Street,in Pottstown held their annual Home School Day event. This gives children who are educated in small private schools or by their parents the opportunity to take a field trip to learn about colonial history and what life was like here before the Revolutionary War. The children who attended were able to make their own candles, learn about colonial chores, and play with historic era games. It is truly one of Pottstown’s greatest cultural treasures, and if you have never taken your family, it is a good weekend outing!

“Pottsgrove Manor was the Colonial home of John Potts; descendant of England, founder of Pottstown, entrepreneur, businessman and perhaps the greatest Iron Master in all the Colonies.

In 1751, Mr. Potts purchased 995 acres of land from a one Mr. Samuel McCall. Mr. McCall had received this land (and much more) from William Penn as an original land grant. Shortly after his purchase, John Potts began construction on his early manor home.

Begun in 1752, the Potts family moved into the residence in 1753, and construction was completed later that year. In 1761, John has the property surveyed, and lays out a grid system of roads and parcels, (similar to Ben Franklins design of Philadelphia), to form the town of ‘Pottsgrove’. (The town is later re-named Pottstown in 1815)

Since 1988, over 3 million dollars has been spent by the County of Montgomery, on the sites restoration, maintenance, and administration and staffing. Public tours are offered year round (closed Mondays and Holidays), and frequent events and exhibits are scheduled regularly on many Colonial era appropriate subjects”


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