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MCCC’s Newest Member to Phi Theta Kappa Pottstown Chapter October 25, 2011

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Meet Anya Rhoads Lafferty!

Anya Rhoads Lafferty is a wife and mother of 3, and is currently working two jobs and pursuing a nursing degree at Montgomery County Community College. In addition to all of that, she has been a very active member of the Pottstown community.  Anya told ROR, “I served 10 years as President of Lincoln Elementary School’s parent-teacher group, 2 years as Co-President and/or President of the Pottstown Middle School, and 2 years as the Concessions/Retail Manager of the Tri-County Performing Arts Center. By June of 2011, I gracefully exited those positions to focus on work, school, and family.” Anya stills volunteers at PSD, but in the capacity of chaperone for the Pottstown High School marching band where her daughter is in the color guard.


She commented on being an adult learner, “Maintaining good grades is very important to me, as I am my own worst critic. I have an associates degree from the former Pennsylvania Business Institute, formerly located in Pottstown, as a medical secretary. I made the dean’s list once and finished with a B average. At MCCC I was first invited to join the honor society (Phi Theta Kappa) in the spring of 2011, but passed on the invitation. My second invitation came during the fall semester in October 2011. This time I decided to join the fraternity since I had worked hard for my grades and wanted to join an elite group, something I was not able to accomplish in high school and something that was not offered during my first post-secondary education.”  Anya was inducted into Phi Theta Kappa on Friday, October 21 at the Pottstown campus. During the  academic fraternity ceremony, the students were informed by the President of MCCC, Dr. Stout, they were the first group to become members of the West Campus fraternity, as MCCC had just separated their Central and West campuses into two separate Phi Theta Kappa chapters.  Anya said that, “This makes this achievement very  special for me and the other members who were inducted . As the current President and Vice President of our chapter having  been working so diligently to separate our fraternity from the central campus fraternity!  This not only serves to give the West Campus students their own recognition, but continues to bridge the gap to the central campus,  and helps excelling Pottstown college students stand out in the local community.

“I am excited to continue my degree in nursing and one day become a OB/GYN nurse or pediatric nurse. My ultimate goal is to earn a master’s degree in nursing and to become a nurse practitioner in either a OB/GYN office or pediatrician/family practice office. I also hope to continue giving back to my community through volunteer work of some type. Many of my friends and my own students say they do not know how I manage to juggle so much at once. I have a strong will and dedication, and am a firm believer in the fact that a person can do anything if she/he puts their mind to it!  A person is never too old to learn and should never let anyone or anything stand in the way of their dreams. Go for what you want and do not let anyone stop you. With hard work and dedication, a person can go far! ”  Anya told Roots of Revitalization “Thanks for taking an interest in my life and for asking me to share my aspirations with Pottstown!”


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