Roots of Revitalization

Social Change Through Action In Pottstown PA


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  PEAK stands for Pottstown Early Action for Kindergarten Readiness, and is an initiative of the Pottstown School District. I am an employee of the Pottstown Family Center, a program of Family Services of Montgomery County. PEAK is a collaboration of the Pottstown School District, community agencies, and the local early learning programs. PEAK works to improve the readiness of children entering kindergarten through community outreach, quality improvement at sites, family engagement, and kindergarten transition. PEAK’s goal is that all children in Pottstown enter kindergarten ready to learn and achieve. My role as the Family Engagement Specialist is to support parents and families as their child’s first teachers. Children learn from those around them, and parents are an important influence in preparing their children for success in school and in life. A big part of my job is providing parents with community resources, and making referrals when necessary. Some of the systems available are difficult to navigate, so I walk through the process together with families. PEAK also provides printed resources and age- appropriate activities in their Parent Resource Boards, located at sites and throughout the community. I organize breakfasts for parents at the early learning sites, to facilitate social connections and to give parents a chance to take a moment out for themselves. I also put together parent-child workshops for the teachers to facilitate, encouraging parent involvement in the classroom and extending learning to the home. I am very proud to be part of such a unique program, and truly recognize the importance of parent involvement in quality early learning experiences. For more information, please contact me (Whitney Leone) For further info on early childhood education in Pottstown visit:

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