Roots of Revitalization

Social Change Through Action In Pottstown PA

PDIDA: Working With Students To Better Pottstown! July 10, 2011

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     The Pottstown Downtown Improvement District Authority (PDIDA), has

several new internship programs underway with local teen students according

to Sheila Dugan the Chairman of The Board.

Sheila Dugan Chairman of PDIDA

Lindsay Hayver, a junior at Pottstown High

School is responsible for a clean-up crew

that meets every other weekend to gather litter in

the borough. Havyer manages the work schedule and

recruits fellow students to help.  She will be working with

PDIDA as her senior project for the

next two years. Perhaps you  have seen these kids

wearing their yellow PDIDA shirts while they are tidying up

town? The clean up crews range in size from four to

ten people all dedicated to making Pottstown a  more environmental place.

Havyer is also working with local businesses and church volunteer groups to

help PDIDA meet one of their main objectives “keeping the downtown clean,

safe and well managed”. Dugan commented on Havyer, “Lindsay is taking her

own initiative in a  responsible manner that is rare in teenagers today. She is

truly giving back to her community!”

Lindsay Havre Clean Up Crew Managing Intern for PDIDA!

Some of the PDIDA Volunteer Litter Patrol!

The second aspect of the mentoring program utilizes young artists such as

Jaira Kurtz who is a senior at Pottstown High School. Kurtz will be working with

local businesses and designing murals as advertisements as a way to market

downtown Pottstown. One of her first murals will be doing her own version of

the Grumpy’s logo at the sandwich shop located within the Pottstown Farmers


Jaira Kurtz Artistic Advertising Intern For PDIDA!

Kurtz commented on her senior project intership, “I

lovePottstown and I feel like local students and citizens

don’t get enough credit. We always get the short end of

the stick when it comes to  everything and I  would just

like to bring more positivity to the town so others can

see what good things can come from Pottstown and the

people who inhabit it. I’m also the

drum major of PHS band and spoke at the past board

meeting about just making this town a better and happier place. It kills

me to see how some of the borough and board members are cutting and taking

away the things that affect this town in positive ways.”

Dugan further discussed how much talent she has seen from young people in

Pottstown, and that past students were responsible for both of the outdoor

murals at the Farmers Market and MCCC’s Riverfront Center.